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You are Perfect to me :]

something I finished awhile ago and never posted….

Fig. 5. Rossella velata, natural size. A glass sponge dredged  off the Strait of Gibraltar in 621 fathoms. 1873.

Cosmetic Studies

No scientific theory was too big for me to translate into a beauty routine. By Arabelle. Illustration by Leanna.

Brendan Monroe ~ “Two Who Occupy the Same”


Earth your stones for clean energy


Why the Heart Chakra is Green
   The word “Grain” has several means, most of which have to do with each other. It means seed, gold, Sun, and even woman. The word “Green” derives from it, and therefore originally refers to the color gold and to the sun. This is why there’s places all over Celtic countries like; Greenhill, Greencastle, Greenwich, etc. 
   They have nothing to do with the color green, but everything to do with the color gold and the Sun. The word Grain links to sun because the sun was often thought of as a grain or seed. Moreover, the ancients knew that the Sun’s light opened the seeds in the earth…and made nature fluorish.
   Each chakra, in the chakra system, corresponds to one of the 7 ancient planets, and a particular colour. The heart chakra corresponds to the Sun, because it is in the “center” of everything else (ancients considered the Moon and Sun as planets). It guides the flow of things. 
The heart is the REAL brain. We are the microcosm of the universe(macrocosm). Our bodies operation on the similar principle as the helio-centric philosophy.